Have questions about home, auto or boat insurance?  Check out our frequently asked questions below, or contact us to learn more!

Am I required to have bodily/injury property damage coverage on my policy?

Yes. Even if state law does not require it, this type of coverage comes standard with every policy. It covers your legal liability due to an accident. 

Am I required to have homeowners insurance if I own a home?

If you finance your home with a mortgage, you lender will require you to purchase home insurance. After you pay off your mortgage, you aren’t required to have home insurance; however, you should keep your home insurance policy to avoid risking what you’ve invested in your home.

Can I save money on my policy if I take a driving safety course?

Yes, some of our insurance partners offer discounts if you have participated in a safe driving program in the last 36 months.

Can I transfer my existing policy to a new car?

Yes, but you will need to update your policy to cover the new car. Liggio Insurance can tailor the policy to fit your new circumstances.

Do I have to pay separately for wind & hail protection?

No. For all of our partners, wind and hail is included in your homeowner's policy. Typically at a normal delectable rate.

Do I need insurance to buy a new car?

Yes, the dealership will require a proof of insurance before letting you drive your new vehicle off the lot.

Does my boat insurance cover engine damage?

Yes. Boat engine damage is covered by comprehensive/collision coverage.

Does my boat insurance cover my personal property in the vessel?

Yes, as long as you have replacement cost personal effects coverage on your boat policy your property is protected.

Does my premium go up if I make a claim?

Each policyholder's situation is unique, so depending on your circumstances, your premium could be affected. If you are concerned, contact your Liggio agent today to discuss your unique policy.

How do I know if I chose the right coverage?

If you are unsure which coverages to select, your Liggio Insurance representative is more than happy to guide your insurance buying process whether it be for your home, automobile, boat or business.

Is umbrella insurance just for the wealthy?

With increasing settlement awards, it is important to have enough coverage to protect you, your assets and your future wages.

Should I purchase flood insurance?

If you live in a flood zone, yes you should definitely purchase flood insurance, and your mortgage company will require it. If you live outside of a flood zone, it is personal preference, but know that only an inch of flood damage can cost thousands of dollars in repairs and most homeowner insurance policies do not cover damage to your home or possessions resulting from a flood.  Twenty-five percent of flood claims paid out are in flood zone acts (not a high-risk flood zone).

What affects car insurance price?

What kind of coverage you buy, what kind of car you drive, where you drive, how much you drive, your gender, your age, your marital status, your driving record, your address and zip code,  and even your credit history can affect your car insurance rate.

What do I do if I am in an automobile accident?

Stay calm.  If needed, call for an ambulance, and definitely call 911 to file an accident report with the police.  Do not leave the scene of an accident unless your personal safety is at risk. Get all of the facts and details, and report the incident immediately! Limit the discussion of the accident, only speak with the police and your insurance agent or claim representative.  We are here to help.

What factors can affect homeowners insurance premiums?

Several things can affect your homeowners insurance premiums.  Your home’s age, type of structure, wiring, roof, and garage can affect it.  The location of your home and protective devices like burglar alarms, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, sprinkler systems and deadbolt locks can lower your premium. 

What is collision insurance?

Collision Insurance covers the cost of auto repairs or replacement when your vehicle is damaged or destroyed in an accident.

What is comprehensive insurance?

Comprehensive insurance is just what it sounds like, comprehensive, also known as everything else coverage. Comprehensive insurance covers damage to your vehicle from non-accident issues such as weather or theft.

What is dwelling protection?

Dwelling protection protects you from financial loss if your home is damaged from a disaster.

What is liability insurance?

Liability insurance is required by Louisiana State Law. It covers the costs of property damage, as well as injury to the other party when you are found responsible for an accident.

What parts make up a homeowners policy?

A homeowners policy typically includes a declarations page, definitions, coverage, exclusions, conditions and endorsements. They are each described below.

  • Declarations Page- Summary of your costs, names of insured, dollar amount of coverage and a description of the insured property. 
  • Definitions- explains the meaning of terms.
  • Coverage- details the extent of protection.
  • Exclusions- explains what is not covered.
  • Conditions- this outlines your responsibilities as well as the insurance company’s responsibilities. 
  • Endorsements- amendments or attachments that alter the standard coverage. 

What's an insurance premium?

Your insurance premium is the amount charged for active coverage.  It is also referred to as an insurance rate.

Why should I complete a home inventory?

You should always have a current home inventory list.  This is so that you can expedite a claim settlement if you ever need one.

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